Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday at last!

Whew this week has been long. It has been exhausting taking care of both Critter and Ruby. Critter wants to be held a lot. He has six medications that he has to take by mouth every morning and night and talking him into taking them is a task. Yesterday at about 3 in the afternoon he still had 2 medications from the morning that he was refusing to take so he got an NG tube. Placing the tube is so miserable and then he gags everytime you push meds throught it. It takes about 45 minutes to push all of his morning meds through his NG tube. Last night we pushed a little too fast and he threw them up so we had to start all over again. It all just sucks. Jason and I thought we were prepared for this round but I guess you can't totally prepare emotionally. Our first night I was feeding Ruby and trying to keep Critter happy and Critter threw up all his meds all over me and Ruby was screaming because she was hungry and tired and I lost it. I called Jason in tears. Sometimes it all just sucks! But I got everyone in bed and calmed down. I also started giving Ruby her Nupegen shots. The shots help her bones produce more stem cells so hopefully she wont take such a big hit when they pull cells from her. I was nervous to give my own kid shots but it hasent bothered me. It is a really little needle and she only cries for a second. I am so thankful to be blessed with such a patient, wonderful baby. I could not have handled any of this if she was a fussy kid. Someone knew I needed a break with this kid.

Ruby lives in the bathroom and Critter has decided when she wakes up he has to climb in her bed and snuggle with her before she can get up. The bathroom has become a very popular place. See money doesn't matter Ruby is popular even though she lives in a bathroom. Its personality that matters!
Monday is transplant day! They will harvest Ruby first thing Monday morning and then Critter will recieve it Monday afternoon. I will post all about it.


  1. Can you believe how close in age our two kids are? Days apart from each other and I break down all the time trying to do two kids at once and you have so much more going on at the same time. I love the picture of the two in the crib. Beckham insists on getting in Graham's crib every morning too. So fun.

  2. That looks so cozy there in the bathroom. What a nice big brother to snuggle with his cute little sister :)