Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello again!

I thought I would give an update on our progress and close out the year. Christmas was wonderful. Critter's hair is coming in and it has changed his entire look. The biggest compliment people gave us around christmas was that he looked pink! His color is soooo much better! He looks healthy!

All of his labs have been normal when we have gone back. Now that he doesn't have a line they prick his finger to get his blood drawn. Last time he didn't even cry! When we go in the hospital he sits really still and is very quiet. The doctors always comment on what a good boy he is. But I know better.

Critter is by far my busiest kid. He wakes up and jumps in his crib. He climbs bar stools. He colors on walls. He mauls the dog. He wrestles with his brothers. He throws balls. He unscrews lids. We are glad he is feeling better but hope that we can get him under control. He is a happy little boy! He is also a very picky eater but he is putting on weight. It is so fun to be home as a family. Sometimes I forget what we went through. When I look back at pictures I remember how awful it was. I feel like the Lord made my burden light. While I was going through it it didn't seem as bad. I still worry about cancer coming back. I never want to relive the nightmare a second time. I was so glad not to spend the holidays at the hospital. Talking to one of the nurses after Christmas she told me that the ICS unit was the only unit in the hospital that didn't slow down over christmas. She said they were so busy. My heart goes out to all of the kids that spent christmas in the hospital. As for us we are looking forward to a better year. 2011 here we come!